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    Getting Started


    Welcome to the Templarbit documentation! Here you will find material that will help you integrate Templarbit with your application stack. Our guides show code examples for frameworks that we support.

    If you are wondering what Templarbit is and how it can protect your application from malicious activity, head over to to find out more.

    Getting Started

    Registering Your Application

    To get started with Templarbit, register your application at to obtain your application's property id, secret key, or content security policy string. These identifiers will be used to communicate with Templarbit to provide you with the most updated dashboard to protect your application.

    Integrating Templarbit

    This section will show you how to add a content security policy header (CSP header) to your stack. To setup a CSP header that will integrate with Templarbit, you should tell your application server to include it as part of the response headers. Here is how this works in different frameworks.


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