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Templarbit Launches AI-Powered “AppSec Intelligence” to Instantly Protect Enterprise Applications

San Francisco, California — April 18, 2018 – Intelligent security start-up Templarbit today unveiled AppSec Intelligence, the industry’s first AI-powered security platform precisely architected to protect software applications from cyber-attacks and data loss.

The increasing need to continuously monitor and defend a growing number of software applications from malicious attack at scale is one of the biggest challenges that enterprises face. AppSec Intelligence solves this with a new approach to security that embeds a single line of code directly into the application and leverages Artificial Intelligence and signal orchestration to analyze software stacks and their data flow, creating a security solution that is easy to deploy and has complete context awareness of the asset it is protecting. The platform’s reporting dashboard helps security and engineering teams discover and fix problems in real­-time, identifying what part of their application contains the issue or which accounts show signs of malicious behavior.

"More than half of all breaches use a website or application as the attack vector, and this problem is only increasing as enterprises digitize more mission critical processes, security teams become increasingly stretched and malicious actors become more sophisticated,” said Templarbit Co-founder and CEO, Bjoern Zinssmeister. “But, malicious user behavior often follows a common pattern, which our proprietary Artificial Intelligence can detect in real-time and notify security teams instantly when bad actors start to probe your system for weaknesses, turning the tables on cyber-criminals.” “Application Security is a fast growing space that sits on the intersection of cyber security and software development. The team at Templarbit is equipped with a unique understanding of that space and the ability to execute their vision,” said Yash Sandesara, Founder & Managing Director of 205 Capital.

About Templarbit
Founded in 2017 by Bjoern Zinssmeister and Matthias Kadenbach, Templarbit develops simple to deploy, intelligent security solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence to protect software applications from cyber-attacks and data loss. The company recently secured a $3MM seed investment, led by venture capital firm 205 Capital and joined by Y Combinator and Lightspeed Venture Partners.