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The Data Advantage.

Templarbit is redefining runtime security by building it from the ground up to be cloud native and powered by data intelligence. This modern, data-driven approach allows you to secure APIs and Web Apps faster and more effectively.

Incredible organizations from startups to Fortune 500 trust Templarbit

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Our Products

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Evaluate and continuously monitor apps

Templarbit Sonar provides you with blazing fast security monitoring that delivers insights into the availability, performance, and security configuration of websites, APIs, and Web Applications.

It's a beautiful and fast way to establish continuous security monitoring on your apps, enabling you to measure everything out of the box without having to install any packages, agents, or libraries. Sonar covers a wide range of checks that every software company should have in place including uptime, response time, and a deep scan of your security configuration.

Sonar will also stop domain impersonation by finding look-alike and name-blending domains in real-time. Hackers use these domains to trick people into thinking they are interacting with your asset or to launch data exfiltration campaigns.

Next-Gen Application Protection

Templarbit Shield lets you instantly protect APIs and Web Applications running in the cloud. Define a security stack for your web asset in a matter of minutes by using ready made building blocks, or craft your own custom runtime rules.

A collection of data intelligence algorithms will assist you in handling common security tasks and provide intelligent application insights that will augment other AppSec initiatives.

Shield deploys natively with Kubernetes or can easily be installed on traditional application servers running in public or private clouds. Templarbit Shield was engineered to deliver a high performance and scalable experience, battle tested by the worlds best AppSec teams.

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“The team at Templarbit has leveraged their deep security expertise to build a product that makes the web more secure.”

Tammy Sun CEO at Carrot Fertility
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“Templarbit Shield is the native way to do runtime security for containerized applications.”

Tobi Knaup CTO at D2iQ
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“Templarbit delivers best of breed security solutions that are both easy to use and extremely powerful.”

Philip Martin CISO at Coinbase

Perfectly integrated with the software that already powers your infrastructure.

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