July 2, 2018

The SaaS Revolution Show with Bjoern

Recently, Alex Theuma, from the SaaS Revolution Show, sat down with our CEO and co-founder Bjoern Zinssmeister and asked him some questions about his experience founding a company in Silicon Valley. The SaaS Revolution Show is a weekly podcast that brings insights and tactics from leading SaaS entrepreneurs and operators across the world. You can subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast.

On this episode, Bjoern talks about his journey from growing up in a small town in Germany to building and founding Templarbit in California.

During the last decade in Silicon Valley, Bjoern has helped a number of products and companies come to life. He started out working as an engineering lead at the Match Group during the years they acquired OKCupid and launched Tinder. After that he joined Synack and helped build that into a successful cybersecurity company. Now together with Matthias, Bjoern founded Templarbit and raised $3M in seed funding coming out of Y Combinator. Templarbit’s mission is to bring a better approach to the application layer security space.

In this episode of The SaaS Revolution Show, Bjoern talks about:

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