November 1, 2019

Introducing Sonar: Instantly evaluate and continuously monitor web assets

At Templarbit we believe that good security starts with better visibility and that is why we are excited to launch a new product today called Sonar. It’s a beautiful and fast way to establish continuous security monitoring and health measurements on your apps. Nothing needs to be installed and it covers a wide range of checks that every software company should have in place:

During the development of Sonar we have worked closely with some of the best security teams in San Francisco and around the globe to craft an experience that is both easy to use and provides powerful capabilities. The HD Domain monitor for example will help you stop domain impersonation. Hacking campaigns often rely on look-alike and name-blending domains that are used to trick people into thinking they are on your website or app. Sonar will find these suspicious domains and alert you instantly when new ones get established in the future.

Preview of Templarbit Sonar
Sonar Index View

Sonar is already used by many teams in large and small organizations. A little over 4,000 web apps and APIs are currently being monitored with Sonar, which is enabling those teams to keep an eye on the security posture and performance of these assets. Security issues that are discovered will include recommendations on how to fix them and each property that is monitored will have a Sonar score. This score indicates the strength of the current security configuration, allowing you to quickly evaluating your own properties or those of your vendors.

Preview of Templarbit Sonar
Sonar Recommendations

You can start using Sonar for free today

Using Sonar to evaluate the security config of your site, app or API is free. To learn more about why Sonar is the fastest and easiest way to setup comprehensive monitoring for your websites and apps head over to

Preview of Templarbit Sonar
Sonar Monitor