Customer Stories

Teams use Templarbit to accurately assess the security risk of their software supply chain

Learn how we enable third party risk management teams to move fast and deliver better decisions
D2iQ using Templarbit
D2iQ relies on Templarbit for advanced security controls with better performance
“Our team can stay on top of things by surfacing security threats in a format that is actionable.”
Tobi Knaup
CTO & Co-founder
Hired leveraged Templarbit for its efficiency to deliver security compliance
“Templarbit allowed us to instantly check a lot of our compliance boxes, which in turn helps us close deals.”
Derek Lo
Director of Product
Hired using Templarbit
vArmour using Templarbit
vArmour trusts Templarbit to monitor their software vendors.
“With Templarbit deployed we were able to get visibility and intelligent insights on our portfolio of software vendors.”
Logan Hetzel
Lead InfoSec and IT Systems Engineer