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Intelligent and focused security platform that protects your applications from attacks

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AppSec Intelligence

Most breaches use the application layer as the attack vector. Templarbit stops these attacks with an application security platform that is intelligent, context aware and easy to deploy

Protecting Applications and APIs

Some of the problems we solve

  • Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
  • Injection Attacks
  • Clickjacking Attacks
  • Application DDoS
  • Early Threat Detection
  • Vuln Scan Detection
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Connection Intelligence

AI-powered Security

How we achieve speed and scale

To monitor and defend the complexity of software applications continuously at scale is a challenging task for humans. We leverage artificial intelligence to analyze data and build up a scalable defense. Powering things behind the scenes are a combination of our proprietary data and machine learning models. This for example allows Templarbit to automatically make a decision on policy changes without relying on human input.
Spot unusual behavior that shows signs of a breach in progress
Provide security teams with greater insights into areas that are likely vulnerable
Analyze policy violations and automatically adjust whitelist items without human input

Architected to be precise

Here is how it works

Templarbit can be easily deployed into your application stack by installing our Agent on your application server. There are several options that make installation easy, depending on your infrastructure

◦ You can manually install the Templarbit Agent
◦ Include our Docker container
◦ Install the heroku build pack

Once added to the stack, Templarbit will equip your system with defense capabilities that protect you from a breach. The data passed through your Application Layer will be analyzed on-premise and all signals of malicious behavior will be reported back to you in real-time via the Templarbit Dashboard.

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Establish your last line of defense

Templarbit is the most direct way to improve your company's security posture and will help ensure that your team can stay on top of things by surfacing security threats in a format everyone can understand. Harness the power of robust AppSec intelligence and prevent attacks before they affect your business.

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