At Templarbit, we understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is vital to your business, and we take our responsibility to protect it very seriously. Used on thousands of applications around the world, Templarbit helps you establish a data driven approach to application security. We implemented stringent security measures and procedures at all levels, in accordance with industry-standard security programs.

Application Security

Industry leading encryption in transit

All data transfers from a server to Templarbit’s secure cloud with industry standard 2048-bit SSL encryption.

Secure authentication

Passwords are stored and transmitted securely and hashed using a strong salt. Templarbit’s public enterprise API utilizes the industry-standard authorization protocol OAuth 2.0.

Automated vulnerability detection & Penetration testing

All Templarbit applications are scanned weekly for vulnerabilities, including but not limited to OWASP Top 10. Twice a year we engage a third party to perform a penetration test.

Protection against application attacks

Templarbit uses controls and technologies to prevent attackers from exploiting application-level vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security

Strict access control policies

Access to customer data internally is limited and provided only when absolutely required or requested by the customer. Code repositories are protected using multifactor authentication.

Secrets management

Templarbit uses SaaS industry standard processes for managing and storing encryption keys.

Multifactor authentication

Access to the all environment is restricted to a few authorized Templarbit employees. Multifactor authentication is always required to access all systems.


Uptime and fallbacks

Templarbit’s SLA ensures 99.5% uptime for services. Databases and infrastructure are available in multiple geographic regions in the United States, allowing resilience in the face of natural disasters or service interruptions.