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Complete security tasks at hyperloop speed.

Templarbit will provide you with the fastest way to deploy and manage a scaleable defense system. Managing updates to things like Content Security Policies will become a frictionless experience and happens in real time without the need to re-deploy code or manually change server configurations.

Powering things behind the scenes is a combination of our proprietary data and machine learning models that allows Templarbit to automatically make a decision on policy changes without relying on human input.

Animation showing how to update Content Security Policy with Templarbit
Logos of cloud platforms that work with Templarbit

True Hybrid Cloud Security Operations

Run your applications and data services across any public and private infrastructure. Templarbit can deploy on any of your platforms and provide you with a unified experience across your portfolio of applications.

Unified hybrid cloud security
Multi-cloud, datacenter, and internal deployments can now be equipped with the same security solution. Eliminate Vendor Lock-In.

Application-aware security
Templarbit works with greater application context allowing you to have more precise security capabilities.

Our customers see amazing results

Templarbit is dedicated to the success of each customer throughout the lifetime of their business.

  • Expand your Capabilities

    2x the features over a legacy WAF

  • Increase Productivity

    30% less time spent on repetitive tasks

  • Drive More Security Awareness

    30-60% faster remediation times

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

    70% less expensive than legacy solutions

“The way we do security has so fundamentally changed since deploying Templarbit, it is no longer this black box only a few people sort of manage.”

Matt Murphey

SENIOR Application Security Engineer
Image that shows security events in the Templarbit dashboard

Establish your last line of defense.

Templarbit is the most direct way to improve your company's security posture and will help ensure that your team can stay on top of things by surfacing security threats in a format everyone can understand. Harness the power of robust AppSec intelligence and prevent attacks before they affect your business.

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