November 6, 2018

Kickstart Application Security on Heroku with the Templarbit Buildpack

Heroku remains a popular choice for teams to run their software and continues to grow its popularity, especially in the Ruby on Rails and Node.js community. The Heroku developer experience is an app-centric approach to software delivery and it was our passion to bring Templarbit’s software aware security solution as close as possible to that environment.

To delight and inspire developers to do their best work with Heroku we are now making it even easier to install Templarbit by providing a more streamlined installation process via the Templarbit Heroku Buildpack. This buildpack lets developers install Templarbit on any Heroku app in under a minute.

Heroku users can now seamlessly support every step of the app lifecycle — build, run, manage, scale and secure.

How to install the Templarbit Buildpack

Three easy steps will get you up and running.

Step 1: Add the Buildpack

 heroku buildpacks:add 

Step 2: Add Templarbit API keys

 heroku config:set TB_PROPERTY_ID=xxx 
 heroku config:set TB_SECRET_KEY=xxx 

Step 3: Update Procfile to prefix your web dyno with Templarbit

 web: templarbit bundle exec rails server 

To learn more about running Templarbit on Heroku head over to the docs where we go deeper into details around upgrades and uninstalling.