August 30, 2018

Announcing Breachroom: A collection of recent cyber attacks and data breaches

At Templarbit we crunch a lot of data from cyber attacks and data breaches. Looking at all this data on an ongoing basis gave us the idea to build a collection that is publicly available for others to consume. Meet Breachroom, an ongoing collection of cyber attacks and data breaches.

The Breachroom contains as much information as possible about each breach. The list of breaches can be viewed visually on a map or in a standard list view. Currently, breaches from January 2018 through present day are listed.

Preview of the Breachroom homepage Breachroom homepage

We include an overview of what happened and the official statement from the company, when available.

Preview of the information listed for each breach in Breachroom Stories on each breach as they happen

We include all available information about each breach including severity, what information was leaked, the parties involved, original source, initial discovery and when the breach was disclosed publicly.

Photo of detalied information about a data breach shown in Breachroom Detailed info on every breach

In the map view, each breach shows a quick snapshot of the attack as well as the severity.

Preview of the map of all data breaches shown in Breachroom Breachroom map view

We plan to further invest in providing data from cyber security incidents to the public. In the coming months, users will have the ability to further drill down the Breachroom data set and follow specific incidents.

Check out Breachroom here.